Automated Phone Marketing

At SmartcomMedia we are pioneers within the field of automated phone marketing. We use interactive voice response technology (IVR) to provide our clients with innovative marketing solutions that significantly boost their online activities. With automated phone marketing you are able to effectively reach leads and customers at every step in their pre and post sales journey.

We help our clients with: presales calling to increase conversation rates, after sales calling to increase customer satisfaction and upselling, phone polling to build customer understanding and pay per phone to ease transactions and boost sales.

Presales Calling

Presales calling are a means to influence your customers before the actual purchase or order. We know that an extensive amount of people go all the way through a purchase or sign-up flow but never come click the actual button. According to the reputed Baymard Institute, a web research company in the UK, 67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned.

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Aftersales Calling

Aftersales calling are methods to reach your customers with targeted messages after an actual purchase or order. With aftersales calling you can setup an automated call at any time post sale or sign-up. The call can be initiated after for instance 5, 10 or 30 minutes and play any prerecorded message you prefer. The message can be targeted based on location, demographics and behavior so different customer segments get different messages.

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Phone Poll

Phone polling is a phone based polling system that enables our clients to seamless gather information about their customers by asking questions through automated phone calls and receiving input from the called party through the keypad.

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Pay Per Phone

Email campaigns get your message to a potential customer segment that has actively confirmed an interest in a specific product or service. We have access to large networks of high quality opt-in email databases that are perfectly segmented based on both interest, geographic and demographic subscriber data. Therefore our email campaigns allow for very targeted communication.

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