Data Validation

We help our clients build as complete a picture as possible to support strategic decision-making. Data enrichment can range from something as simple as adding a missing postcode, to enhancing lead or customer data with demographic or geographic data based on a name or address match.

Enrichment Types

In sales and marketing data enrichment enables better-targeted activities, which means less wastage, lower costs and improved response rates. The more you know about recipients, the more tailored your company can make its messages and offers. At SmartcomMedia we are able to enrich data with the following information types:

  • Geographic: such as postcode, county name, longitude and latitude, and political district
  • Behavioral: including purchases, credit risk and preferred communication channels
  • Demographic: such as income, marital status, education, age and number of children
  • Psychographic: ranging from hobbies and interests to political affiliation
  • Census: household and community data

CAMEO and AdditTM profiling

Through CAMEO and AdditTM profiling we are able to deliver a powerful and discriminative consumer classification based on the socioeconomic and geodemographic profiles of neighborhoods across the world.

Using CAMEO and AdditTM we enable marketers and analysts to segment, profile and analyze customers and markets, using this intelligence for database marketing, customer segmentation exercises and network planning.

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