Data Validation

We help our clients reduce cost and increase efficiency by securing that their lead and customer data is always valid and verified. Regardless of whether data is received through own landing pages or from third parties we help to ensure that the data is valid and useful.

Through our client interface you always have a detailed overview of data errors and we are able to generate a segmented overview based on the external parties from which you receive the data. Data validation provides you with an exact understanding of the data quality delivered to you by external partners and actual insights into what you are really paying for.

Validation Setup

At SmartcomMedia we gladly help with integrating validation processes into our client’s own IT infrastructure. Our solutions can be integrated with your company’s current IT and CRM structure through tailored APIs and we offer expert counseling on how to structure your validation setup.

Our validation services can be set up in real-time to validate data live and immediately send an answer back stating if the data is valid or not. Data can be received and delivered in POST, GET, json or based on CSV files often using one of the below described flows.

Data Flows

1. You can choose to send customer data to us directly from your own database after it is received from landing pages or third parties. We return an answer that states which data are valid and which are invalid.

2. You can choose to let all customer data travel through our validation machinery – as a filter – before it reaches your own database. If you receive data from third parties we have developed an easily integrated method for how your partners can deliver the data to us before we ship it on to you.

What We Validate

We keep expanding our list of data we are able to accurately validate. Should you have a unique request for validation of certain data types we are open to look at tailoring a service that meets your needs.

We validate:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • Postal code intervals
  • Age intervals
  • E-mail
  • Phone number
  • Mobile number
  • Against stop databases
  • Car registration number
  • Credit check

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