Phone Poll

Phone polling is a phone based polling system that enables our clients to seamless gather information about their customers by asking questions through automated phone calls and receiving input from the called party through the keypad.

The call can be initiated at any time pre sales, post sales or after customer interactions with any of your company’s touch points. From our reporting platform you will be able to view the results from your phone polls in real time and we can export results directly into your company’s own IT architecture in a matter of seconds.

World-class Reporting and Metrics

Our clients get access to our excellent reporting platform that can be easily accessed from both mobile and stationary devices. In real-time we are able to provide you with a descriptive status for the call on whether it is queued, ringing, in-progress, completed, busy, failed or no-answer. The duration in seconds of the just completed call and geographic data such as country and zip code of the called party. If you are running phone polls you will be able to view the results from your phone polls live as the called party responds them to.

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