Performance Marketing

SmartcomMedia offers a range of solutions within performance-based online marketing. We can tailor our solutions to meet with the unique needs of each individual client giving every campaign the best condition for creating value. Our approach is intelligently data driven. It combines market leading data validation and enrichment with a deep understanding of customer behavior to ensure that our clients get optimal value, transparency and ROI.

Validated Lead Campaigns (CPVL)

Lead campaigns are aimed at generating prospective customer interest or direct inquiries regarding a product or service combined with a customer permission of following up the interest. Usually a lead consists of contact and demographic information of a potential customer who has shown interest in your product or service.

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Order Camapigns (CPO)

Order campaigns are campaign types where our clients solely pay for the number of sales or orders we deliver. It ensures a controlled and optimized marketing spent, but requires a highly sellable concept or product. We are able to target very specific customer segments and with the right CPO agreement we can deliver large volumes of acquisitions for your company.

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Trafic Campaigns (CPC)

Traffic campaigns are effective ways of generating visitors to your digital touch points across mobile and stationary devices. We collaborate with vast amount of premium publishers and networks that help us provide excellent quality and high volumes of traffic to our clients’ most important channels.

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Direct Email Marketing

Email campaigns get your message to a potential customer segment that has actively confirmed an interest in a specific product or service. We have access to large networks of high quality opt-in email databases that are perfectly segmented based on both interest, geographic and demographic subscriber data. Therefore our email campaigns allow for very targeted communication.

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