Traffic Campaigns (CPC)

Traffic campaigns are effective ways of generating visitors to your digital touch points across mobile and stationary devices. We collaborate with a vast amount of premium publishers and networks that help us provide excellent quality and high volumes of traffic to our clients’ most important channels.

With significant accuracy we are able to precisely target the customer segment you want clicks from. Using behavioral and retargeting technology we serve you with the best possible marketing solutions based on your specific needs. Through our bespoke reporting platform you can follow your campaign results live and get access to every bit of data in real-time.

Real Time Bidding (RTB)

We identify potential customers’ interest in our clients’ products and services and generate permissions for our clients to directly contact the customers that have shown their interest.

Leads are thoroughly segmented and qualified through questionnaires and surveys to meet our clients’ needs. Before we pass on the lead information we validate the lead data and if needed enrich the lead data with further information valuable for our clients.

Behavioral Targeting

We leverage data from premium publishers, as well as first- and third-party demographic and behavioral data. Through our intelligently data driven methods we are able to retarget and target by geographic, demographic, behavioral, physiographic and census data. Reach and engage potential costumers like never before and experience the true power of big data.

World-class Reporting and Metrics

Our clients get access to our excellent reporting platform that can be easily accessed from both mobile and stationary devices. From the platform you can get all campaign data captured and presented in real-time, including data quality, performance and brand-centric metrics.

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