Validation and Enrichment

SmartcomMedia enable companies and organizations to leverage on data. We help our clients validate and enrich data bringing significant value to marketing, sales and decision-making. Our industry-leading approach towards data intelligence combines a vast amount of public and non-public databases carefully selected, analyzed and merged into our powerful algorithmic platform.

Data Validation

We help our clients reduce cost and increase efficiency by securing that their lead and customer data is always valid and verified. Regardless of whether data is received through own landing pages or from third parties we help to ensure that the data is valid and useful.

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Data Enrichment

We help our clients build as complete a picture as possible to support strategic decision-making. Data enrichment can range from something as simple as adding a missing postcode, to enhancing lead or customer data with demographic or geographic data based on a name or address match.

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Data Visualization

Data visualization makes complex datasets easy to navigate and communicate. We help our clients gain insight into their problems holistic nature and help decision-makers to develop new meaningful solutions.

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